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From Thriller-Award-winning author Twist Phelan comes “a new and capable heroine you’ll want to see again” (Jan Burke, Edgar-winning and New York Times-bestselling author).

Finn Teller is a spy. Her career began at the CIA, but when a black-ops assignment went about as wrong as it possibly could and her supervisor thwarted her efforts to make things right, Finn walked away from the Agency.

She joined an international spy-for-hire agency that turned out to be pretty much the same wolf, albeit in civilian clothing. It does for multinationals, hedge funds, and oligarchs what the CIA does for the US government. The firm has a black-ops division, too—kidnap recoveries, terrorist interrogations, political espionage, and unauthorized looks at a competitor’s R&D. The company even works for governments, secretly doing what the authorities can’t because it might break the law or rile a trading partner.

Fearless, well-trained by Langley, fluent in four languages, and as much a chameleon off the streets as on, Finn quickly rose through the ranks. Now she travels the world on assignment as her boss’s top operative. Loyal to her clients, she isn’t above bringing her sense of justice to the situation, which often has unintended—and dangerous—consequences.