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Hi! My name is Twist (yes, it really is) and I want to entertain you. 

I’ve always been a storyteller. Growing up in a half-Irish family meant you didn’t come to the dinner table without a story to share. While at Stanford earning my undergrad and law degrees, I wrote for the student paper. As a plaintiff’s trial lawyer (I specialized in suing middle-aged white guys who stole other people’s money) I was known for my compelling cross-examinations and closing arguments that persuaded juries. (Confession: I learned a lot of my trial technique from TV lawyer shows.)  So becoming a writer wasn’t that much of a stretch.

I write mystery novels and short stories with endings I hope you don’t see coming. The strong sense of justice that motivated me to be a lawyer guides my fiction as well. My protagonists strive to do right, within—or outside of—the system. If you like reading about characters who are professional to the core but have a heart, too, and if you enjoy mysteries that make you think, my stories may be for you.

I’ve been fortunate to have my work win awards (including two Thrillers) and have authors like Michael Connelly, Sue Grafton, and Margaret Maron and publications such as Publishers WeeklyLibrary JournalKirkus, and Booklist say nice things about it. Check out the books for yourself here.



Where do I write? I split my time between Colorado (where I love to ski and road bike) and the rest of the world, living in hotels and Airbnbs. The past six years I’ve flown 600,000 miles to sixty countries with many repeat visits to favorite places. (Spain, Italy, and India, here’s looking at you!)

But enough about me.

I want to hear from you! Something on your mind? Just want to say hi? Drop me a line here. I read every message.

Thanks for stopping by. And bon voyage, wherever you may  go—


P.S. Want a free short story? Tell me where to send it!