On the eve of launching EXIT, the second entry in my Finn Teller corporate spy mystery series, I thought it was time to give a tip of the hat to Husband.

He’s upbeat yet steadfast, the perfect travel companion, and always supportive of my writing. Plus, he keeps me fed whether I am creating or on editing deadline.

I told him I’d decided to get him something Italian as a small token of my appreciation. I led him to Via Monte Napoleone, one of the nicer shopping districts. As it is Men’s Fashion Week, it was a madhouse, with fashion types and tourists clogging the stores.

I knew it wouldn’t be Husband’s thing. While he likes nice clothes, pushing through throngs of people to buy them isn’t his idea of fun. After a half hour, I turned to him and said, “I have another idea.”

(Of course I had planned all this, down to the picking of a shopping experience that would be a bit crazed.)
I led him to a quieter neighborhood and into a store I had researched beforehand. When Husband saw what the store sold, he couldn’t stop smiling.

He did brilliantly on his first ride. (I, on the other hand, had to hold on to the very nice Frenchman who owns the store, which wasn’t a totally bad thing.)

Husband is now the proud owner of an Italia Airwheel. It is a self-balancing unicycle; think Segway without a handlebar (and trickier to keep upright!). He can bump over curbs, glide over cobblestones, and slalom around pedestrians. (All his years of skiing give him great balance.)

I know I am going to have to get one, too. Already I am tired of jogging to keep up!