Husband often spends time in cafes when I am writing. He’s found a favorite here in Milan. Today he came back with a grin that would rival the Cheshire Cat’s.

Husband: “A woman sent me a cappuccino today!”

Me: “Really? And do you know her?”

Husband: “No. But I think she’s been in the cafe the days I’ve been there.” He opened the photos on his phone. “See? It had a heart on it.”

Me (trying not to laugh): “Impressive.”

Husband swiped to the next photo. “She sent over her name and phone number, too.”

Me: “Do I have to go hunt her down?”

Husband: “No. I politely declined the cappuccino and left.”

Me: “What if she’d sent over a cioccolato gelato?”

Husband: “Then we might have had a problem.”