Lago di Garda, Italy

Team USA/Canada had a great time. Husband (skipper) was a rock star (he’s raced lots before). Crew (me) was, well, enthusiastic.

We did reasonably well until the sprint for the finish line. We were on a port tack and the wind shifted to favor the starboard side of the course. (Before today, I can honestly say I’ve never uttered anything close to that sentence before.) We weren’t last, but pretty darn close.

Still, I have the indelible memory of hiking out on the trapeze beside Husband (i.e., hooking our harnesses onto the trapeze wires, standing on the edge of the hull, and leaning backwards out over the water while the boat skimmed along the water on one hull). And now we’re going out for pasta with the other racers.

So I’m putting a check in the win column. 😉