Have you ever been gripped by the idea you have to have a certain food RIGHT THEN? No substitute will do, nor delay tolerated.

My weakness in this department is popcorn. Yesterday after our bike ride (I was warm, sweaty, and needing salt), the craving hit.

I ducked into the nearest small food store. Found the oil (aceite) and salt (sal) with no problem. But I couldn’t locate popcorn. There was no guarantee it was stocked, but it was the type of store that was stuffed to the rafters with, well, stuff, so I had to ask the store owner.

Trouble was, I couldn’t remember the Spanish word for popcorn. I knew it started with a “p” but that was it. (And I’d left my phone–with its translator app–at the flat because we’d gone to the beach.)

I did know, however, the word for corn was “maiz.” So I found the store’s owner, told him I was looking for corn of a certain type, then launched into what can best be described as an interpretive dance, acting out what a popcorn kernel does when dropped into hot oil, at the same time making popping noises.

After twenty long seconds of Husband, the store owner, and two customers watching me in stunned silence, the store owner asked if I were looking for “palomitas de maiz.”

“Yes!” I said, gratefully ceasing my hopping about.

As he rang up my purchases, the store owner told me popcorn is really popular in Spain…IN ENGLISH.

“You mean I could have skipped the dance and just asked you for popcorn?!” I said.

“Yes,” said the store owner. “But now I have a memory of a dance like no other.” The other two customers, now behind me in line, nodded in agreement.

“Me, too,” Husband said cheerfully.

“You’re not helping me in the dignity department,” I hissed at Husband as I scooped up my purchases and stalked with as much pride as I could muster out of the store.

At least the popcorn was delicious. 🙂

Is there a food that, when you have to have it, you would dance for?