Valencia has a thriving traditional dress industry. You see women and girls wearing 19th-century (and earlier) garb, from mantillas and fans to embroidered gowns to pointed-toe shoes.

Apparently some attend events like dinners and theater performances thusly outfitted; others arrange for photos in front of monuments.

This girl was decidedly not happy during her photo shoot. She complained throughout–“I’m hot,” “This dress itches,” “My hair is pulled too tight”–at a volume enabling everyone else in the plaza to overhear.

Here’s the line that cracked up Husband and me (and many others in the vicinity). It was accompanied by an honest-to-gosh foot stamp:

“These are stupid clothes! If a man tried to make me wear this all the time, I would cut off his head!”

Beware the enfant(a) terrible. 😀