Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the journey a little bit nicer…

dimsLight Dims
I don’t like it when I turn out the lights in a hotel room and then feel as though I’m in the middle of a carnival midway: the smoke detector’s green glow, the TV’s red dot, the microwave’s clock, the lighted switch on the desk lamp, etc.

I peel and stick a Light Dim over the offending beams and voila! the room is dark. They don’t leave a sticky residue when you remove them, either.

clipsBinder clips
Speaking of annoying light … I don’t like it when light comes in through the crack in hotel curtains, especially when I’m trying to sleep in after a long flight.

I also don’t like it when somebody can see into my hotel room. I spotted a mini camera in the apartment across the alley trained at my Zurich hotel room window. Creepy!

A binder clip solves the problem: use a medium one to clip the curtains together and enjoy your sleep free from intrusive sunbeams and Peeping Toms.

ductDuct tape
This watertight container of two small rolls of duct tape. They have a thin plastic rod in the center so they retain their round shape, even when packed, and their small size means they take up no space in my bag.

Duct tape has come in handy so many times: temporary repairs of shoes, bags, hems, bicycles, and even a gash on my foot from my surfboard (until I could get it stitched up).

Yes, I know I could make my own roll. But I have books to write! 🙂

splitBelkin Headphone Splitter
A headphone splitter allows me and my travel companion to listen to the same music or watch the same movie at once. I’ve also used it to share a podcast on one of my DIY walking tours.

And there are also the not-so-little things …

41qKoEV4TxLApple iPad Mini
I love my iPad mini. It fits into my handbag, connects via cell as well as WiFi, and is better than the phone for reading/responding to email and checking websites. Only recently did I start carrying a MacBook Air when I travel; before that I wrote on my Mini with a travel mouse and portable folding keyboard.

I still take it with me when I travel. If I want to write when I am out and about, it’s handy and ready to go. And it is my TV when abroad: easy to download or stream content from Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix, TiVo, and Xfinity.

If budget is a concern, you don’t need the latest and greatest. What was the latest model last year still does a fine job twelve months later, as do refurbished units.