On travel …

Traveling is one of the richest experiences a human can have. Everywhere you look there’s newness. Street style catches your eye, people’s voices sound different (especially if there’s a language gap), the smells of the food are foreign and fascinating, the buildings adhere to different codes, and through it all, you must find your own way.

Through mini-adventures and small victories, you bolster your growing sense of self-reliance. Then you begin to bump up against the culture. New cultures call for new protocols. Different people do things differently.

In the beginning you may resist, adhering to your own rituals and ways of getting through the world. Soon though, you begin to break down. You start to soften, and that’s when compassion enters the picture. Rather than seeing all the differences, you start noticing commonalities. You come to realize that we’re all essentially the same. This experiential knowledge is what we often call wisdom.

Will you stay home, cradled by the comforts of a life you’ve always known? Or will you pack your bags, find new friends, and seek out adventure? Will you face challenges and difficulties, growing stronger & more resilient? Will you blow your own mind with natural beauty and miraculous marvels, filling your memory with experiences you could only have there as opposed to here?

We are home (I use that term loosely) for a bit. Thank you for listening to snippets of our adventures. As always, your comments, reactions (or whatever the new FB term is), shares, and messages are much appreciated.

Some of you have asked about posts from prior trips. I’ll run some encore posts during the rest of the month before we are off again. And stay tuned for book news. My corporate spy series launches this spring!

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Until our next trip, bon voyage, wherever you may go–