To me, Venice is Disneyland for adults—romantic hotels and restaurants, fine wine and food, stunning views and architectural details, stylish locals and gondolas—what’s not to love?

Although there are just 60,000 inhabitants left in the city, it receives more than 16 million visitors a year. So when I visit, it is in the winter. Yes, there are tourists, but they seem to be mostly Italian, and their numbers are nowhere near the summer hordes.

One of my favorite things to do it to simply wander the city (I skip the center and hit the residential neighborhoods). During this time of year it is possible to have the alleyways nearly to yourself, to duck into small shops and be the only customer, to snag a table at a popular eating spot. Bring a coat, a heavy scarf, and your most comfortable (but fashionable!) boots, and you will be set. We were lucky this trip, gifted with sunny days, but the nights were still chilly.

How about you? What cities do you like to get lost in?