Lost in translation.

We checked with the hotel’s concierge as to what events were going on in town. I mentioned Husband likes boats, especially cats (catamarrans).

The concierge scanned his computer screen. “Looks like there’s a cat show going on right now,” he said.

“Great!” I enthused. He gave us the address and we caught a cab.

I thought it a bit odd we were traveling inland, away from the ocean. Husband opined the event was being held in an inner harbor. Then the cab pulled up in front of a large garden center, where there was not a drop of sea water in sight.

“Maybe it’s an indoor show,” Husband said as we joined the people streaming through the entrance. Once inside, we pulled up short in amazement.

It was a cat show all right … of the feline, not nautical, variety.

Open-mouthed, I took in the dozens of cats being exhibited on tables, carried in their owner’s arms, and (in one case) meowing into a reporter’s microphone while its owner translated.

Beside me I heard the strangled gurgle that meant Husband was trying hard to stifle what could become raging hysterical laughter.

He failed, dooming me as well. We staggered back outside and, hands propped on our knees, gave in to the sort of belly-wrenching laughter that makes your stomach hurt for hours afterwards.

“Should I call a cab?” I asked when I could speak again.

“As long as we’re here we may as well take a look,” said Husband, wiping his eyes.

Who knew so many cats resembled their owners? Or that cats were held aloft like prize fishes for the judges to examine? Husband told all who asked he was there because he liked to race cats, which earned him some puzzled looks from the competitors and eye rolls from me.

Not the type of cats we expected, but not a bad way to spend an hour either. 🙂