Next thing you know, we’ll be going to the dogs…

After the cat (amaran) show mix-up it was off to–what else?–the harness races.

We’d seen the traps (what the carts are called) training on the roads (calling to mind a “The Maltese Cat” by Kipling; an outstanding short story you should read if you haven’t), and I wanted to check out the actual races.

They were held at what I’d call a backyard track; not posh, but easy to get close to the action. (We stood beside the finish line, a scant thirty feet from the equine pack as it swept by.) Nothing electronic here: scribbled odds in the bookie stalls and a results board changed by hand.

I had a flutter (bet) three races. (Two euro bets; I’m not really a gambler.) In the first, my horse came in fourth; in the second, my steed was out of the money; in the third, my pick won, covering my earlier wagers!

The gambling was an afterthought; it was the horses we were there for. Magnificent creatures, at speed they literally float along. Check out the following video; you’ll see what I mean!