The food tour was going so well until …

We started with a breakfast of boyoz, a Sephardic savory pastry found only here, slow-cooked eggs, and local tulum cheese. Next was a shop selling lokma, a donut-like sweet traditionally served to lighten the mood at funerals, followed by a stop at a spice vendor whose wife prepared subye, a drink made from ground melon seeds.

Onward to lunch at a fine fish restaurant: mussels followed by a semolina dessert called sambali.

More walking, then the guide led us into what was announced as our final stop.

“Izmir takes its offal seriously, so here we’ll give its famous sögüs, poached sheep’s head, a try.”

Husband and I didn’t speak, didn’t even look at each other. Instead, as one, we slipped to the back of the tour group and out the restaurant’s front door.

Was I chicken? You bet. (Even if I weren’t vegetarian, I wouldn’t have tried it.)

But I prefer chicken to poached sheep’s head (no matter how seriously they take it!) any day.

What “interesting” foods have you tried/passed on?