Hotel Design

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels. The last two years, I’ve spent more nights in their beds than my own. Some of their design features baffle or annoy me. (Why the lidded bathroom waste cans that fall over when you step on the foot pedal to open them?) Others awe.

Our hotel in Thessaloniki has three small-space design features I want to share.

1. The toilet stall and shower stall share the same door.

The two areas are side-by-side. One sliding door to share between them. If the shower is in use, the door can be slid over to cover that area, leaving the toilet area open. (There is still privacy possible, as the glass between the two and on the sliding door is frosted and the main door to the bathroom can be closed.)

If the shower isn’t in use, the door can be slid over to shield the toilet area, providing privacy if the rest of the bathroom (sink, tub) is being used.

Great design if you don’t have much space!

2. The mirror is a window.

The mirror over the sink is a window. You can crack it to let out shower steam or open it all the way to check the ocean view.

3. Wood insert in tile floor.

No more slipping or need for a bathmat.

What great bathroom design features have you seen in hotels?