Husband and I were strolling along in the Ladadika, a narrow-streeted historic district full of cozy cafes, welcoming bars, and small shops featuring unique items, when our gaze was caught by the window display of a small jewelry shop. We ducked in and started chatting with the owner.

Maria designs and makes all her own creations. I couldn’t resist trying on a rose gold ring studded with small black diamonds … and got it stuck on my finger. Maria and I tried everything to get it off. We tugged, twisted, rubbed olive oil on my finger, plunged my hand into cold water, all to no avail. Maria even had me meditate and then “wish” it off my hand. The ring stayed where it was.

Husband, who I am pretty sure was trying not to laugh all through this, finally spoke up. “Honey, I think there’s only one option left.”

“Amputation?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said. “Late Valentine’s Day present.”

Of course when I got my new gift back to the hotel it came off without a fuss. I know what you are thinking. But it really was stuck!