I carry a fair number of electronics when I travel: iPod, iPhone, iPad mini, MacBook; Husband totes the first three plus a camera and sometimes a GPS. All these devices mean lots of wires and plugs and adapters. (Thankfully, none need voltage converters, too!) There are ways, however, to lighten your load.

1Apple Adapter Kit
This kit has seven AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world, each laser-etched with the regions they are compatible with. (North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil.) All you need is a 12W Apple USB Power Adapter. Note this is the chunky one, not the smaller 5W USB Power Adapter that comes standard with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

2iClever BoostCube
I love this plug. It comes in black or white, in two-, three-, or four-USB outlet configurations all with a foldable plug (won’t poke through my carry-on bag). All you need is a USB cable compatible with your device’s charging port. And it’s got SmartID Technology: recognizes the electronic device and maximizes charging efficiency. (Your devices charge faster!)

I carry the three-USB version so I can charge my iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod at the same time. I also have the car version for when we are on the road in a rental (keeps the GPS juiced) and, because I spend so much time in Europe, the EU version so I don’t have to mess with an adapter plug.

3Retractable USB
Plugs still require cables. To minimize space, I buy cheap, non-Apple retractable versions. You can even get multi-device versions. Do they fail eventually? Sure. That’s why I always carry a back-up Apple lightning cable. (Most airports around the world now carry them, too, and I have yet to fail to find an Apple retailer when I went looking, no matter what city I was in.)

4Ceptics Grounded Universal Plug Adapters
If I’m spending significant time in a country, I want a good quality plug. I prefer the Ceptics line. You can buy them for various countries (the UK, India, the EU, etc.); I think I’ve managed to acquire a complete set!

5eForCity Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug
Finally, for trips when I’m traveling to countries with various power outlets and want to travel light, I carry this all-in-one converter plug. Remember: A charger adapter plug converts the power outlet only; it does NOT convert electrical output current and voltage. Make sure your device carries a electrical converter when you travel to other countries with different electrical output. If your device requires a electrical converter, you must pair it with a charger adapter plug.

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