“Honey, let’s go shopping for souvenirs from [insert name of country]” said no guy ever.

Market- and street-shopping is great in South America. Clothing, jewelry, artwork, housewares…you name it, they handcraft it.

But after several forays, even patient Husband had had enough. When I suggested another expedition this afternoon, his response was lukewarm. Cold, actually.

Although Husband did not know it at the time, this was exactly what I had planned. ?

Scene: Hotel room after lunch, after I suggested a trip to the nearby shopping center.

Husband: “More shopping?” [Insert pained expression here.]

Me: “Not really up for it?” [Insert innocent expression here.]

Husband: “It’s entertaining hearing you bargain, especially when you and the shopkeeper get talking so fast you mix up the numbers, but I think I’m done.”

Me: “No worries. I’ll come up with something else.” [Insert suppressed grin as my plan falls into place.]

Husband: “Hey, if I don’t have to go shopping, anything’s fine with me.”

Me: “Great! I’ve got an idea…”