12400681_465332796994220_1596202496301896097_nI have no friends in Lima (most places, actually), so I rented one. Literally. 

Meet Ana; I hired her through www.rentalocalfriend.com to hang out with me for the day!

She was a fabulous friend: she told me where the good shopping places were, took me to her one of her favorite bars, laughed at my jokes, and made an appointment for me at her go-to nail salon. (If you’re ever going to Lima, message me and I will send you her email address.)

As we were bombing around Lima in an Uber, it occurred to me I take full advantage of the peer-to-peer economy. On this trip alone, I have ridden in stranger’s cars, stayed in their houses, used their sporting equipment, eaten at their dinner table, and now rented their friendship. (And, I should note, I have yet to have a bad experience anywhere.)

How about you? What aspects of the P2P economy do you take advantage of? What have your experiences been like?