Husband will drink coffee now and then. This morning he decided when in Ecuador, drink what the locals do, and ordered a cup.

The waiter brought two small pitchers. “Here is your coffee and here is your milk.”

Husband: “I don’t need the milk, thank you.”

Waiter: “No milk?”

Husband: “No, thank you.”

Waiter: “You are sure you do not want milk?”

Husband: “Yes, I do not want milk.”

Waiter: “I will leave it here, just in case.”

Husband: “But I really don’t want–”

The waiter left.

I poured some coffee from the pitcher into Husband’s cup. 

Me: “You may want to rethink the milk thing.”

Husband peers into cup. “I’ve seen motor oil darker than this.” 

He added some milk, took a sip, added some more, tasted it again, made a face. He caught the waiter’s eye. 

“I’d like to change my order,” Husband said. “May I please have a glass of milk with a side of coffee?”