12241239_462433990617434_1559217520081346431_nWe are in Colombia! Bogotá to be exact.

During our travels to get here, I was quite careful to keep track of Husband’s and my straw hats. We are both very fair and being this close to the equator, if we didn’t wear them, we would burn, baby, burn.

Losing hats is somewhat of a problem for us: we have managed to finish but one trip with the same hats we started with. (Mine have blown overboard into the Med, set aflame by a Tahitian fire-baton dancer, and eaten by an elephant.)

So we burst out laughing when we saw this very long wall in the airport covered with nothing but straw sombreros. I think we’ve finally found a country that will keep us in hats!

Feliz Año Nuevo 2016!