Our first evening in Paris we ate with people we’d never met before: we attended an EatWith event.

EatWith is like the Uber of dinner parties; you attend (or host) a home-cooked meal for strangers (guests pay a fee; usually $50-$90/person). Before booking, guests know what the menu will be and what language(s) will be spoken. (It’s a good way to practice a second tongue or, like tonight, simply relax and chat in English.)

Husband and I have gone to dinners in Italy, England, Hong King, and Australia. The food has always been good and our fellow diners, interesting people.

Some friends tell me I’m mad to dine at a stranger’s house. “What if s/he is a serial killer?” Highly unlikely, given the EatWith vetting/communication process. Plus, statistics are on our side: there are way more nice people than Hannibals in the world.

Take a look at www.EatWith.com and consider booking a meal with a local on your next trip!

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