12196100_446532652207568_2671840769592594703_nEn route to our next destination.

We will arrive over two hours late, as someone has cut the overhead train wire. (The conductor told me sections of wire are even occasionally stolen. High voltage, several stories above the tracks; how/why does one do that?)

Other than making our later plans a bit jumbled, I am good with the delay; I am deep into plotting a book.

l am a planner, an outliner. When I begin a story, it’s as though I’m starting on one of our trips. I know where/when we will start and end. I also have a good idea of the route (which is not necessarily the most direct: we once flew to Greece from Colorado via Japan) and what we will do once we get there.

The same is true when I begin to write a story. I know the arc of each of the three acts and conclusion, and have most of the scenes planned out.

But as in our travels, I can’t plan for the unforeseen side trips, unexpected encounters, or uncontrollable outside influences (like cut train wires!). So my journey as a writer on the page and as a traveler on a trip remains fresh and exciting throughout.

Does your travel method mirror the one you use to approach your creative endeavors?